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For almost 2 months I worked on my first short film, which I hadn’t planned at all in the beginning. First it should be a blogstory in comicstyle, which consists exclusively of pictures. But since I’ve become familiar with different editing software lately, I wanted to try to create a short art video until Halloween and take advantage of the possibilities that are given to me. And now it’s about 6.5 minutes to tell a story, accompanied by picture, video and sound and I’m happy that I visualized my idea for this story for the first time.

The storyboard has changed over time and I’ve had a lot of new ideas that I’ve brought in. Here you can watch my first art video on YouTube.

Afterwards I’ll give you the message of this story to explain what I wanted to express with it and to show you the pictures from the video. The video is structured as follows: Intro (piano scene), main part and the outro or credits.

Have fun watching and if you have a Halloween party, have a monstrous party 😀 😊


The message:

The short film tells the story of a person (in this case it is Ken, therefore in this style) who is in a room she doesn’t know. She feels that she can only find her way out of this room if she overcomes her fear, self-doubt and insecurity.








I illustrated these components using the blue mask shown in the video. It symbolizes these fears in a human being. People all wear a mask in everyday life. It´s a kind of a battle of good and evil

In addition there is the demon, which reminds of a kind of cat, which symbolizes that demons keep people from their actual way and are responsible for our self-doubts and fears, as one knows it also in many films.


In the video, I wanted to show what this mask does to a person, namely that you become paralyzed, so to speak, and cannot go your own way. You let yourself be distracted and led to the wrong things.

Only those who have the courage to take off their mask can defeat this demon, because then it has no chance to exist any more. He is literally destroyed.

Because the demon has been defeated, the mask also breaks open, loosens and disappears into nirvana.

After the whole spook has come to an end, one feels liberated, exuberant and not driven, so that one recognizes a red thread in life and can walk the path of one’s life that makes one happy. Because, as you know, you are responsible for your own happiness. Nobody else. I visualized this scene by running down the stairs as a kind of pop artist. I wear a pink suit, in my hand a shiny silver hat and decide for the right way. I chose the pop direction because the pop culture is shrill and colourful. It makes people feel good. That’s why I can identify very well with it and would like to record pop songs myself in the future. But everything in its time.

I kept the video in pink because I associated this color with balance and joy.

I would really appreciate your comments on what you think of the story. 🙂


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