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The first week of July this year has finally begun. So we are in the middle of summer. Many of you are on holiday now and finally have your degree in your pocket. I’m back with a new blog article, which contains several topics. This time it is not only about pop music, but also about the fact that I am finally finished with my 3-year study. I finally got my bachelor thesis behind me. ¬†In the following I will tell you how I would like to celebrate this with you and what I intend to do now after my studies.

Remember back…

Imagine this: You finally have holiday and are looking forward to your free and well deserved time. You may be very disappointed, because your crush has been ignoring you for a whole year now, even though you are trying so hard and showing interest. You are in the middle of a stressful phase, your head is smoking and nothing wants to get into your head anymore.

These are all situations that increase your joy even more with a certain thing or reduce your grief (which is what I want to point out). We are talking about: MUSIC. And I’m talking about a very specific direction here: pop music. We all know it, you’ve stored countless songs in your memories over the years and with many of these songs a certain event comes to mind.

“Oh yes, that was the song I heard when I was on holiday with my girlfriend.” “I heard this song here when my crush left me and there wasn’t a day when I didn’t hear this song.” Or: “That was our summer song 2014”. Pop music connects us and our special life experiences. Pop music has a cheering effect, spurs you on to a good mood or the lyrics of a pop ballad simply fit your situation 1 to 1, so that you feel them right. We can deal with the text passages and with the singer himself and are grateful that they exist.

Pop vs Psyche

I deliberately chose the title for this article:

This title was written when I myself was a bit dissatisfied. I scrolled through my playlist on Deezer and listened to some of my favorite songs. I noticed that I was much better afterwards. The thought came to me that pop music influences my psyche, in a good sense. Of course, a healthy psyche needs much more than just your favourite songs, but they help you to feel better in different ways. And I’m only referring to pop music because it is an important part of my personality, as it is for many others. Pop music is colorful and shrill. The artists show us in their music videos in a particularly creative way what they have to tell the world.

I hear classical music, for example, when I want to relax and indulge in fantasy. It inspires me just as much. You can let your visions run wild and I forget, for example, the time with classical music. Depending on how you use the music, you can contrast pop with your psyche and cheer yourself up (of course, this also applies to the style of music you prefer).

In short: Pop VS Psyche. Pop for heartache, pop for joy, pop for grief, pop for party, pop for stress…

How about you? In which song do you have certain events in mind? Write your experience in the comments, maybe from another music genre? I am looking forward to your answers. 💗

My first dance cover

As many of you know, I submitted my bachelor thesis last month and after the long awaited submission I thought about something cool, how I could celebrate this with you for the time being.

I already did a survey on my Instagram account in April to see if I should cover the dance from the American series Riverdale. The majority voted “yes”. I’m a fan of this series myself and really wanted to recreate this dance battle between Veronica and Cheryl, who play the leading roles, from the 1st season. So I learned the dance in the last weeks with a YouTube tutorial. This was also my first time to publish a dance. I was happy about your reactions and thank you for my first 1000 calls!!! <3 See for yourself what has become of it..:

If you feel like learning the dance yourself, then take a look at this tutorial by Rosie Dean. She explains the moves really well and I got along well with it. Only some turns took me a really long time to do (especially Cheryl’s part). Have fun and let me know if you made it.

What’s next for me?

After I’ve finished my studies (we won’t hold our bachelor’s until August or September), of course we have to continue somehow. Of course, you should first be happy about what you have achieved and achieved, to take time for yourself and the things that are fun and relax. Because you are one step further again.

I like to use my free time for sports now. In the morning I go to the gym and watch my diet, which I really enjoy. I like to use the app TikTok, because it allows me to live out my creativity very well and I am in exchange with you during my live broadcasts. Whether it’s videos about comedy, lipsync or acting, the app is really fun.

I also like to continue learning languages, French and Spanish and prepare myself for 2 potential Master’s programs that go in the direction of languages. Drawing has always been one of my favourite pastimes. Here you can just really relax.

Project first song

It’s also going in the direction of music for me. I even go one step further. As already mentioned, I am in the process of producing my first song. This is of course a lot of work, which is also a lot of fun, because it has always been a dream of mine to write and realize my own song. It’s important to me to put all my creativity to work and to create something great. Of course I keep you up to date when there’s something new. I’m also at my A-Capella group rehearsal once a week where we practice and sing different pop songs in different voices and prepare for gigs.

That was just a little insight I wanted to give you about how I spend my free time. It’s important for me to do what I enjoy doing during the day and what gets me ahead. Nothing is worse than having to do something that you don’t enjoy yourself.

And, of course, my friends can’t miss out on anything that makes summer so much more fun! So people enjoy the summer, just do what you want to do and be yourself!

I hope you enjoyed my contribution. If you have ideas for videos or blog posts in a certain direction that I should implement, write it in the comments or simply write me on Instagram.

So long, dear ones!

xoxo, Manu

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